Friday fun round-up [9.27.13]

It’s been a happy week. Not only is it Friday, it’s also almost my favorite month, filled with pumpkin desserts, the start of the hockey season and fun with college friends at alumni weekend.

So, in ode to almost-October, here are my favorite things from the week. Beware, this post is kitten heavy.

1. I just love Latte. I keep telling Mike that I never thought I could love a little three-pound furball this much, but I do. She’s my the first pet that’s even partially mine, and her history and blindness just make me want to take care of her. You’d think that because she was probably hit by a car she’d be skittish and unfriendly, but, Latte just loves her humans. She would sit on my lap (or laptop) all day if I didn’t have to, you know, move or work.

photo (33)

Seriously, it’s so hard to do anything with her around. Anyone have an extra kitty computer?

2. I got to babysit my niece Wednesday for the first time. I shall go down in history as the first official McCorrie babysitter. She was so good and is growing like a beanstalk.

Picture 1

3. My niece and nephew showed me this song the other day. It is hilarious.

4. Ali came to meet Latte Thursday night.

photo (30)

On the way back to Ali’s house, I asked her if she wants a kitten now, and she said yes (her mom is going to kill me). And then she added, “A blind one. Because they aren’t scared of you and you have to help them and that’s so cute.” She had Mike and I both tearing up. Yeah, we are just a little attached.

5. Speaking of rescued kittens …

6. This is how I want to live my life. From the NYT’s “The Busy Trap.”

“I did make a conscious decision, a long time ago, to choose time over money, since I’ve always understood that the best investment of my limited time on earth was to spend it with people I love. I suppose it’s possible I’ll lie on my deathbed regretting that I didn’t work harder and say everything I had to say, but I think what I’ll really wish is that I could have one more beer with Chris, another long talk with Megan, one last good hard laugh with Boyd. Life is too short to be busy.”


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