10 1/2 months with McCorrie Lou


(Also known as McCorrs, McSter, Sesame Seed, and Micky Lou. We really need to settle on a nickname).

I’ve been meaning to write about one of McCorrie’s month birthdays for a long time. I got behind with the posts, and she just grew and grew and grew, and I became overwhelmed with all the new things she was doing. But I miss writing about her and she’s rapidly approaching her first birthday, so I’ll try to capture all of her cute self as best as I can.

My sesame seed has just seemed like such a little person lately. It hit me during a short stop at her house last week. She was on my mom’s lap when I walked in, and she immediately turned to point at me to acknowledge there was someone new in the house. She beamed up at me with a huge smile, and when I put my arms out to “ask” if I could hold her, she launched herself forward as if to say, “I remember you!”

She has learned to clap to “If you’re happy and you know it” so I started singing and she clapped along for the first couple verses and swayed her body back and forth (she dances to anything that resembles music — even my singing). By the time we got to the end of the song, she had some Puffs in her hands that she couldn’t part with,  so instead of clapping she just made two little noises, right to the clapping beat: “uh uh.”

It probably seems like the stupidest thing in the world, but she just seemed like such a big girl in that moment, dancing, clapping, and making silly noises right on cue. Where did that little baby go that I held not so long ago who barely even made a noise? That baby who didn’t even know where her hands were?


I miss that tiny girl, and cliche as it is, she is growing way too fast. But I also love the laughing, and the clapping, and the way she kind of repeats my name but doesn’t really know what she’s saying. When the time comes, I’ll enjoy the walking and the talking.

And eventually,  I’ll happily take the “AUNT HEH, COMEERE” — when she really knows what she’s saying and she wants to play Pretty Pretty Princess, or swim, or kick a soccer ball around.

Part of me can’t wait for that day, and part of me wants to freeze time so I can play with my little clapping girl forever.



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One thought on “10 1/2 months with McCorrie Lou

  1. Mom July 4, 2014 / 12:36 pm

    You captured my feelings also so perfectly. I can’t wait to see what kind of a person she will become- but at the same time I don’t want that day to come. I love that my family is so close to one another- please don’t ever change!

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